• When to Get a Routine Pap

    Cervical cancer is often a preventable disease. Your gynecologist can perform a Pap test, which checks your cervix for abnormal cellular changes that may lead to cervical cancer. This allows your gynecologist to recommend early treatment before the abnormality becomes cancerous. Even if you are not sexually active, your gynecologist is likely to recommend that you get a Pap test if you are between the ages of 21 and 65. Your doctor can also provide recommendations on how often to get a Pap smear. Some women might have this test every year, while others might only have it every three years.

    Certain women may no longer need a Pap test. Your gynecologist might inform you that you do not need this test if you underwent a hysterectomy for reasons other than reproductive cancer and your cervix was removed. Women who are 65 or older who have not had abnormal test results in the past 10 years may no longer need to have this test.

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  • The Benefits of Birth Control

    Gynecology services include birth control, such as the pill, injection, patch, and intrauterine device (IUD). While the most obvious reason to use birth control is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, you may be surprised to learn that there are other health benefits. For example, the birth control pill can significantly reduce your risk of developing ovarian and endometrial cancers. It can also provide relief of PMS symptoms.

    When you watch this video, you’ll hear a gynecologist describe some of the other benefits of using birth control. She explains the pill’s effect on your periods and describes how it can even improve the appearance of your skin.

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