• Recovering from a Terminated Pregnancy

    Although both first and second trimester abortion procedures are safe, legal, and the right choice for many women, it is normal to experience a period of physical and emotional recovery when a pregnancy is terminated. Planning for your recovery can help you get past the procedure as quickly and easily as possible.

    The nature of your physical recovery depends on whether you have a surgical or non-surgical abortion, but post-procedure pain and discomfort are common. Intermittent bleeding is also possible for up to a few weeks after the procedure. Your gynecologist will recommend methods of treating your physical symptoms. Many women also experience a range of emotions after an abortion, from relief to grief. Find a support system in your family and friends or ask your gynecologist to refer you to a support group.

    The compassionate team at Washington Surgi-Clinic is dedicated to ensuring that each patient who undergoes an abortion in Washington, D.C. has access to the tools they need for a healthy physical and emotional recovery. Learn more about pregnancy termination, HIV testing, and birth control methods by calling us today at (202) 659-9403.