• Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist

    When you choose a gynecologist serving Washington, D.C., you deserve to work with a caring and experienced physician. Your gynecology services should also be comprehensive and affordable.

    Not every gynecologist is alike, and it is essential to choose a physician with whom you feel comfortable. When you select your gynecologist, you are often selecting a lifelong health care provider. Your gynecologist will guide you through all your sexual wellness concerns, perform STD testing, prescribe your birth control pill, and be by your side throughout your pregnancy. When it comes to choosing a gynecologist, always take your own needs into account. For example, if you would like to get pregnant within the next few years, look for an obstetrician-gynecologist. If you simply need an annual well-woman exam, you may not need an in-depth consultation. Almost any doctor’s office that offers gynecology services offers standard STD testing and HIV testing. When you select your provider, you should also make sure that you and your gynecologist share the same values when it comes to abortion.

    The Washington Surgi-Clinic is proud to offer superior gynecology services to women throughout the D.C. area. If you need to speak to a gynecologist, call us at (202) 659-9403 today.

  • IUDs: Safe and Effective

    IUDs, or intra-uterine devices, are becoming increasingly popular in gynecology in Washington, D.C. Watch this video to learn why this birth control device is both safe and effective for many women.

    A gynecologist recommends IUDs for healthy women of all ages who would like to prevent pregnancy. An IUD does not ward off vaginal infection or STDs and is only effective in preventing pregnancy. An IUD may be suggested for women who prefer not to take the birth control pill or who have had negative side effects from birth control pills or patches.

    To learn whether an IUD or the traditional birth control pill is right for you, contact a gynecologist with The Washington Surgi-Clinic . You can reach us at (202) 659-9403.

  • Understanding the Birth Control Patch

    A gynecologist serving Washington, D.C. offers many different kinds of birth control. Depending on your specific medical history, health care concerns, and personal preferences, different methods of birth control may be right for you. Today, there are many more alternatives to the birth control pill than ever before. Always speak directly to your gynecologist if you are considering changing your birth control method. Read on to gain a better understanding of the birth control patch.


    As your gynecologist will tell you, the birth control patch is designed to prevent pregnancy. The patch prevents pregnancy for up to 9 days, but should be changed every 7 days for maximum effectiveness. Most women wear the birth control patch on their upper arm or lower back, so it can be concealed when dressed. The patch can be worn during showers, bathing, exercise, and swimming, as the adhesion is not adversely affected by heat or water.


    The birth control patch is extremely effective. Like other forms of contraception, it does not prevent against vaginal infection. It also does not ward off STDs. To prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, couples should always use condoms. When used perfectly, it has a failure rate of less than half of one percent.


    Some women prefer the birth control patch over the birth control pill because they do not need to remember a daily task. If you do forget to remove your patch after a week, hormone levels will remain steady. That means you will not get pregnant for up to two additional days after forgetting to change your birth control patch.

    Speak to a gynecologist directly so you can pick which birth control is best for you. Contact The Washington Surgi-Clinic by calling us at (202) 659-9403. Our experienced gynecology team is dedicated to providing superior health care for women throughout the D.C. area. If you are choosing between the birth control pill and patch or another method of birth control, set up a consultation by calling today.