• What to Expect After Undergoing an Abortion

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    After an abortion, your body and mind need time to heal. Although the procedure is safe and performed on an outpatient basis, it’s important to take a day or two to recover before returning to normal activities. Ask your women’s clinic about any special instructions regarding home care and don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns after your procedure.

    The Next Few Days
    After your abortion procedure, you will be monitored at the clinic for a few hours to ensure you are in good health. Once you are sent home, your doctor will give you information regarding rest and any warning signs that require a call to a doctor. Take it easy for a day or two in order to let your body heal and adjust. You may experience vaginal bleeding for a few days or weeks after your abortion—use a pad rather than a tampon to absorb the flow.

    The Return To Normal Activities
    You can return to work or class within a day of your abortion, depending on how you are feeling.  Avoid strenuous exercise or vaginal intercourse for one to two weeks. You can begin ovulating again as soon as two weeks after an abortion, so birth control is recommended if you wish to avoid pregnancy.

    Your Mental Health
    You may feel a range of emotions following your abortion, including relief, worry, or even depression. Some women feel sadness regarding the circumstances of their abortion, rather than sadness about the decision to undergo the procedure. Allow yourself to feel all of these emotions and speak to someone you trust about your experience. This may be a staff member at your women’s clinic, a friend, a family member, or a teacher or religious leader.

    The staff at Washington Surgi-Clinic is here to help you through the abortion process with care and compassion. We respect your rights and your decision, and are dedicated to protecting your privacy, dignity, and health during this time. Please call us at (202) 659-9403 or click through our website for more information regarding abortion and your health.

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  • Discover More about Your Options When It Comes To Unplanned Pregnancy by Reading over These Informative Links

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    Every woman has the right to decide whether motherhood is right for her. You can find more information about your rights and how to make the important decisions that come with unplanned pregnancy by clicking through these resources:

    • If you need help financing an abortion , Washington Surgi-Clinic and The DC Abortion Fund can help. Visit DCAbortionFund.org to learn more.
    • It can be difficult to turn to your parents or other adults for help making a decision regarding your pregnancy. You can find tips for talking to your parents and other adults on KidsHealth.org.
    • Drug addiction or chemical dependency can negatively affect an unborn baby. You can learn more about the effects of drug addiction on babies at Livestrong.com.
    • Choosing abortion is a personal decision. You are not alone, however. Visit WebMD.com to read through some common reasons why women decide that motherhood is not right for them, which may help you understand your own situation.
    • If you are pregnant and unsure about whether motherhood is right for you, there are many factors to consider. Reading through this guide from ProChoice.org may help you make your decision .

    If you have questions about abortion , contact Washington Surgi-Clinic at (202) 659-9403. Our dedicated staff and medical professionals have been providing affordable and safe services for over 30 years. Visit our website to learn more about us and how we can help you receive the supportive care you need.

  • Signs that You May Not Be Ready for Motherhood

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    The decision that you are ready for motherhood is an important one, and you must consider many factors. Having a baby requires a long-term commitment that you may not be ready or able to make at the current time. If you choose to terminate your pregnancy, Washington Surgi-Clinic is here to provide confidential and safe abortion services .

    Your Age
    Your age can be a significant factor when deciding whether motherhood is right for you. If you are young, you may wish to finish or continue your education. You may not yet be married or you and your partner may not be ready to make the commitment required to have a family together. Conversely, if you are at an age where you do not wish to have more children or feel it could be unsafe, abortion may also be the best choice for you.

    Your Financial Status
    Giving birth to and raising a child both require a significant financial investment that you may not be able to make at this time. You may not be financially independent at all, or your current job may not provide the monetary stability you need to securely raise a family. Seeking abortion because you cannot afford to raise a baby is not wrong; it is a decision based upon the reality of your situation.

    Your Health
    Health concerns are a reason why many women consider abortion. In some cases, carrying a child can exacerbate existing medical conditions or carry the potential to negatively affect your health. Additionally, certain diseases and chemical dependencies can harm or even be passed on to your child. These factors or other health concerns may prompt you to decide that motherhood is not right for you at this time. 

    For reproductive and abortion services in Washington, D.C., contact Washington Surgi-Clinic by calling (202) 659-9403. Our staff will treat you and your decision with the respect and confidentiality you deserve. Visit our website to learn more information about our women’s clinic, the care we provide, and our dedication to helping you pay for the care you need.

  • Caring For Your Health After Your Abortion [INFOGRAPHIC]


  • A Look at Ectopic Pregnancy

    During a healthy pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine wall. If the egg implants anywhere else in the reproductive system, it is called an ectopic pregnancy.

    This video discusses the various types of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are rare, occurring in only 1-2% of cases. However, certain risk factors may raise your chances of developing an ectopic pregnancy. These risk factors include having a sexually transmitted disease and having had a previous ectopic pregnancy.

    Ectopic pregnancy must be treated to prevent serious complications for the mother. In some cases, abortion may be the best option for the mother’s health. Contact Washington Surgi-Clinic at (202) 659-9403 if you have questions or concerns about ectopic pregnancy, your health, and abortion. We can help you make the right decision and provide the care you need with compassion and confidentiality .

  • Do Your Parents Need to Know about an Abortion if You Are Under 18?

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    An unplanned pregnancy may leave you facing difficult decisions, including whether to tell your parents about your situation. Abortion laws vary by state, so it’s important to know your rights and how they apply in your situation. Seeking answers and support from a women’s clinic can help you make the right decision with regard to your health and future.

    Understanding Your Rights
    In Washington, DC, the law provides that no parental consent is needed to receive an abortion or seek any other OB/GYN services. This means you do not need to tell your parents, grandparents, or any guardian or family member about your pregnancy and whether you wish to end it. Washington Surgi-Clinic will not ask for any consent but your own when you visit us for services. We maintain strict patient confidentiality for women of all ages, including those under 18. You do not need to worry that your parents or any other family members or guardians will find out about your visit or any services you have received.

    Making Your Decision
    The decision to terminate or maintain a pregnancy is yours, but you can seek help beyond your parents if you are worried about making this decision alone. Friends can lend support or act as a sounding board to help you weigh your options. You may also wish to seek advice from an adult , such as a clergy member or school counselor, who must also respect your right to privacy during confession or counseling. Additionally, the staff and physicians at your abortion clinic can provide you with the information you need to make your decision. They will help you understand any risks and benefits with compassion, respect, and objectivity.

    If you have questions about pregnancy or abortion, contact Washington Surgi-Clinic by calling (202) 659-9403. We are dedicated to the protection of your privacy and rights during the abortion process. Please explore our website to learn more about our services, including our commitment to providing affordable rates and payment options for all women.