Know Your Options

Doctor and patient.

The choice to have an abortion can be a difficult one, but every woman has the right to evaluate her health and her needs when making this decision. You can find the facts about abortion and your reproductive health on these informative websites:

  • There are many common myths surrounding abortion and its results regarding your mental and physical health. You can debunk these myths by learning the truth on
  • Although rare, abortion may raise your risk for certain complications during future pregnancies. You can learn more on the Mayo Clinic website .
  • Cervical insufficiency is a mild and easily-treatable condition that can result from a past abortion. explains this condition in more detail.
  • Some women experience Post Abortion Stress Syndrome , or PASS, following an abortion. Click over to to read more about this condition and when you should discuss your feelings with someone who can help.
  • Although abortions are safe procedures, there are some signs to watch for that indicate you should call a doctor. You can learn more by reading this article on


At Washington Surgi-Clinic, you will find the care and compassion you need to make the right choice for your health and future. We provide safe abortion procedures in our Virginia women’s clinic with the utmost respect for your privacy and dignity. You can learn more about our services, including financial aid for medical care, by clicking on our website or calling (202) 659-9403.