Spotlight on Patient Confidentiality

Pulled out medical records

Gynecologists and other healthcare providers understand that patient confidentiality is essential. If a patient feels that healthcare information is not kept private, that individual may become reluctant to seek care or to fully advise the doctor of health issues. Health information privacy is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This important privacy act dictates who has the authority to receive and access a patient’s health information.

HIPAA requires compliance from every healthcare provider in the U.S., including gynecologists, in addition to health insurance providers and healthcare clearinghouses. The law protects health information that can identify a patient. It also provides for certain patient rights, such as the rights to correct errors in records, to receive a copy of records, and to request confidential communications.

At Washington Surgi-Clinic, our gynecologists maintain the strictest standards of patient confidentiality and care. In Washington, D.C., parental or guardian consent is not required for an individual to seek gynecology services , including abortions and STD treatments. You can schedule an appointment at our women’s clinic by calling (202) 683-7336.