How Is Chlamydia Treated?

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is caused by bacteria. It’s transmitted through unprotected vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Note that it’s possible to get re-infected with chlamydia after having previously treated it. If you’ve experienced possible symptoms of chlamydia, or you think you’ve been exposed to it, see your gynecologist right away for a test.

Treatment for this STD consists of a course of antibiotics. Your gynecologist will either give you a one-time dose of antibiotics, or prescribe antibiotics for seven days. Do not have sex until the infection goes away. If you’re taking seven days of antibiotics, don’t have sex until after the seventh day. If you receive one dose of antibiotics, wait seven days before having sex. Remember to use condoms to prevent another infection, and tell your partner that he or she should also get tested.

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